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Ontology exploration and downloads

In the homepage, the ontologies are listed in a scroll down window and aside there names, is a description of the ontology provided when uploading the Trait Dictionary

Hoempage Ontology list

On the right, for each ontology, there are 3 action buttons

Ontology Explorer Ontology Explorer to see the ontology graph and navigate

Triples RDF  RDF/Triples

Excel Td download Download of the Excel TD


Trait Search

In the homepage and for each crop ontology, you can use the hereunder box to type the traits or variable or crop you are looking for .

Trait Search home page

The search page opens to enable you to eventually add filters on the result list. filters can be added per concept type, and if you run it from the hmoepage: per crop.

Search in Search page

It also provide the direct result of the search

search result list

When clicking on the trait you want to consult, you will access the term highlighted into the specific ontology


selected trait