Help for site use by curators

Guidelines for curators to use the web site


All curators must have a personal login composed by a mail address and a password to be able to manage their ontologies. Note: If you do not have a login to manage your ontology, ask to the helpdesk (

1. You can access the login window by clicking on the 'Login' button.

Upper Menu

Login Window

2. Enter your email and the password and sign in. Your user name appears then in the upper menu:

Login example


Ontology exploration and downloads

In the homepage, the ontologies are listed in a scroll down window and aside there names, is a description of the ontology provided when uploading the TD and three buttons:

Hoempage Ontology list


Ontology Explorer Ontology Graph Explorer

Triples RDF RDF/Triples

Excel Td download Download of the Excel TD


Site Maintenance by curators


As curator you will access to the hereunder features under the 'Maintenance' menu. Curators can modify the banner of their assigned ontologies, with the 'Sections' submenu in the 'Site maintenance menu'. This is an important feature for the curators to design the banners as they wish and keep it up to date with the list of  contributors and Expert Group members' names .

Curateur Maintenance Menu

  • In 'Sections' you can edit the banner adn the description of the ontology (ies) that you manage
  • In 'Revisions' you can check, approve and reject submissions for term revisions.


The curator will see a list of ontologies assigned to him/her:
Change Sections curator


the 'Edit' button opens the banner in the embedded Content Management System (CMS).



Banner modification curator


Editing terms in the ontology

Once logged in, curators can directly submit modifications by using the 'Edit' button. Any curator can submit a modification in any of the crop-specific ontology. Only the curator(s) of the selected ontology will have the right to revise, validate or reject the submitted modification.

This feature enables the Crop Ontology content to get a peer-reviewed modification.

Under a given ontology, there is an 'Edit' button

Editing 1


The 'Edit' button opens a window for editing any part of the term's metadata

Term edit window

by clicking in any of the boxes on the right side, you can change the text, the category and also provide a comment for the crop-specific ontology curator.

Edit term window2

Once this is done, click on the 'Submit revision' button.

The curator of the target ontology has to login first to see the submitted revision for his/her ontology (ies) in the 'Revisions' submenu of the 'Site maintenance' menu

Login example 2

The revision window enables the curator to see the list of submitted revisions with the indication of the ontology(ies) it concern, user name fo the submitter, the status of the revision

Revisions checking page

The curator has 3 Action buttons:

  • 'Revise changes' to check what revision was suggested
  • 'Approve' the modification and integrate it into the ontology
  • 'Reject' the submitted revision

The 'Revise change button' opens a window showing the comparison between the modified text (in red on the right) and the original text (in green on the left) that allows to locate the changes and see what was modified:

Comparison of revision window


if the revision is rejected, the hereunder confirmation window appears:

Revision rejection window