roles of the advisory committees

Roles of the Advisory Committees

Curator Committee ●  Group of Curators representing all crop ontology curators
●  Selected by the members of the curator community for a term up to 2 years
●  Acts as a standing body to facilitate communication between the entire curator community and the CO Team
Strategy Committee ●  Committee with representatives from crop domains, CO global project domain and external domain (including representatives of Breeding databases and ontology registries)
●   Provide recommendations to the CO Ontology Coordinator on strategic project issues
Scientific Advisory Committee ●  Committee with representatives from crop domains and external (scientific) domain
●  Provide advice to the CO Team (Ontology and Technical Coordinators) on scientific issues relevant to the CO
●  Provide guidance and recommendations for the evolution of the Crop Ontology content and technology, identification of best practices regarding the use CO or other ontologies
●  Provide expertise and guidance for the homogenization of entities and attributes terms across species – e.g. a tissue name
●  Validate the quality assurance tools proposed by the Community that can be promoted through CO
●  Validate for some species a group of experts that would be able to evaluate the submissions (homogeneity). The group would make critical assessments (redundancy checking, homogenization of terms...)
●  Validate the modifications of the Trait Dictionary Template and accompanying Guidelines in consultation with the Ontology and Technical Coordinators